August 27, 2013

New adventure :)

Tomorrow in a week I will be heading to China!!! After a wonderful exchange student year in Michigan (with the greatest family I could have wished for :)) and  a great time during Work & Travel in Australia, I will finally go on another fun adventure: one semester in Shanghai! ... How I feel at the moment? Mhh I would say a little scared, a bit worried about all the things that are not planned in detail (like accomodation or the courses at university) ... BUT I'm also and maybe most importantly excited to start this long planned trip! At this point I would like to thank my friend Susanne ;) shortly after we got to know each other last year in October she convinced me to apply for this program and I'm very glad that she did becauce I don't think I would have been brave enough without her encouragement. Now I'm very much looking forward to the time that we will get to spend together in Shanghai!
Until we actually sit on that plane next week, there are lots of things that I need to organize and so many things I want to do before I leave... suddenly the time passes a bit too fast, but tomorrow I will hand in the last paper for this semester and then I will finally be able to fully concentrate on all the preparations.

P.S. I'm planning to write on my blog every week and I really hope you enjoy reading it and being part of this adventure. I'm also looking forward to your comments and thoughts to this :) For my international friends I will try to mainly write in English.